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Introduction -The employer may spend some time in small talk to help you relax (i.e. weather, recent events, etc.)

Interviewer Asks You Questions - This will be the heart of the interview. It will be during this time that you will be glad that you spent the time getting to know the organization and how your skills and experiences will apply to the position for which you are applying.

The interviewer will probably ask questions related to your goals, jobs, what motivates you, qualities you possess, activities you have done to show initiative and why you would be a strong candidate for this position

You Ask the Interviewer Questions - Interviewers often view this part of the process as a measure of your interest and your ability to think on your feet. Most applicants go into an interview with three or four questions and find that during the course of the interview they are answered. If your prepared questions were answered during the interview then move on to more in-depth questions. Ask the interviewer about their experiences with the organization, make sure you know enough about what your specific responsibilities will be or ask what past interns are doing. Remember that this is your future and your time you are talking about. Be prepared to ask questions similar to these. Remember a lack of questions may be mistaken as a lack of interest. Ask questions that will help you determine if you are a good match for the position and organization.

Closing - Somewhere during this time the interviewer will ask if you have any more questions. If you feel that there are still some things they need to know about you, utilize this time to summarize those assets. Use this time to find out what the next steps are and when you should be hearing from them. Thank them for the interview and restate your strong interest in the position. End the interview the same way you began it, with a firm handshake and an enthusiastic smile.



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