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  1. REMEMBER: This is a formal step in the interview process. It may actually be the MOST IMPORTANT step, as this interview will determine whether or not you get in front of the company.
  2. Have your resume, paper, pen, questions prepared, any company material and a glass of water in front of you before you receive the phone call.
  3. Be in a quiet environment: NO dogs, kids, television, music, dishwashers, etc. in the background.
  4. Be in professional attire. Business is as business does – Professional attire will put you in a business frame of mind.
  5. Be on a LANDLINE phone. You want clear reception without interruptions…Cell phones cannot be trusted. If you use a cordless phone, make sure the battery is fully charged. Don’t answer your call waiting. Never interrupt an interview to take another call. SIDE NOTE: Make sure your message on your answering machine is professional, just in case you miss their call.
  6. Take your energy and enthusiasm up a notch. As you are on the phone, the interviewer cannot see your non-verbal communication. Speak clearly and enunciate. Build rapport and ask questions. Stand up if you need to, move around to keep your energy level up. Create a virtual reality – imagine yourself face to face. Always sell positive – don’t tell negative.
  7. Remember to close the interview by:
  • Thanking them for their time. Tell them they were very informative and that you are very interested in the position!
  • You want the opportunity AND ask When can I come in for a face-to-face interview?
  • What is the next step?



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